2022 PV-EXPO Autumn Tokyo Exhibition Preview

From August 31st to September 2nd, 2022, mibetsolar will bring star products to the PV-EXPO (2022 Tokyo Autumn Exhibition) booth E9-29. Diversified photovoltaic support application scenarios, intuitive display of mibetsolar photovoltaic system solutions, mibetsolar exhibition preview will take you to catch the highlights first!

01 MRac ground photovoltaic system

The ground photovoltaic support system is used in the construction of ground photovoltaic power stations. mibetsolar ground photovoltaic brackets are stable and durable, with a high degree of pre-installation and rapid installation. They are suitable for different terrains and environments. The two ground photovoltaic bracket products PGT2 and PGT4 appeared at this exhibition.

PGT2 adopts carbon steel columns and aluminum alloy rails, which are suitable for various terrains, environments and soils, especially for mountainous terrain; the unique square-shaped steel columns can be adapted to the engineering installation of various soils and ensure that the entire system is more stressed. stable.

ground photovoltaic system

The main body of the PGT4 bracket is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and elegant as a whole; the longitudinal beam structure is further optimized to have strong wind and snow resistance; the conventional spiral ground pile foundation is adopted, and the construction cost is low and difficult for low-voltage and high-voltage cases. At the same time, combined with adjustable clamps, it can easily cope with the site with east and west slopes.

ground photovoltaic system

02 MRac water flotation system
With the reduction of ground projects in Japan, the construction of photovoltaic power plants can be considered to expand from the ground to the water. mibetsolar newly developed floating solar mounting system G4N can be used in floating photovoltaic power plants such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs and reservoirs.

G4N is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which meets the test standards of Hunt water absorption test (CN), anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, etc.

The tensile force that can withstand far exceeds that of similar products at home and abroad. The buoy and the main buoy adopt a new modular design, which realizes the same-direction double-row or symmetrical double-row arrangement, increases the installed capacity and power generation, is easy and convenient to install, and reduces the project cost, with a service life of up to 25 years.

Floating solar mounting system

03 MRac agricultural light complementary photovoltaic support system

It is mainly suitable for the installation of agricultural photovoltaic power stations, taking into account the needs of agricultural planting and photovoltaic power generation, saving land resources; according to the layout of various panels, the amount of sunlight required by plants and the size of the entrance of farming machines, the system structure is designed to provide suitable Bracket design, high pre-installation, convenient construction. The "agricultural planting + animal husbandry + photovoltaic power generation" mode can also be selected.

agricultural photovoltaic power system
(Agricultural and light complementary)

04 MRac Roof PV Mounting System

Rooftop power station is a common photovoltaic application scenario. mibetsolar’s roof photovoltaic mounting system RMI (matrix) is specially developed and designed for non-penetrating flat roofs. By using cement ballast to fix the entire system to achieve strong wind resistance, it is easy to install and can be adapted to most flat roofs. Photovoltaic power station.

roof photovoltaic mounting system
(flat roof)

05 MRac color steel tile fixture series

With the increase in self-use demand, there are more and more color steel tile roof power generation systems in Japan. The exhibition will display various fixtures for color steel tile roofs, including trapezoid, corner chisel, upright seam, etc., which can be matched with a variety of rails and are suitable for various types of color steel tile roofs.

roof photovoltaic mounting system

(88 folded plate clamp assembly)

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