Floating Solar PV System: the future of renewable energyu

Nowadays, people have more and more strong conscious of environment protection and also realize the adverse impact of pollutants emitted by fossil fuels. Therefore, more and more people are quite interested in exploring renewable clean energy solutions. The solar pv power generation has been rapidly popularized, but with the land area limited, it’d difficult to build large-scale ground solar pv power generation. So it’s time to look for solutions of floating solar pv system.Mibet New Energy will  give you more details with pleasure

The floating solar pv system is a power generation which works on the water. It can make full use of salt water, polluted water, reservoir and so on but without any negative impact on the environment. This system not only can save valuable land resource, but also keep the water body covered by solar panels cool, which increase the power efficient by 8% to 10%. The generated power can be off-grid or on-grid, so that it can provide power for local people or enterprises. Even small water area can be utilized as ideal generating place. In most cases, the owners of this system will sell excess power to nearby utilities and energy suppliers to recoup some proceeds.

In addition, these solar panels can protect water from direct sunlight exposure, which can inhabit the growth of algae and other harmful microbes. And the evaporation resistance is also a benefit in arid regions. With the floating solar pv system, the water will evaporates more slowly when covered by solar panels than when exposed in sunlight, which making this system more attractive in saving water. Besides, it can also generating revenue from electricity sales.

But there are also some difficulties with this device. Considering all the panels will exposed on the water, so all the components (especially the panels fastened wire) need to be waterproof to prevent corrosion and damage, which makes it has higher installation cost and maintenance cost than ground system. What’s more, the storms, hurricanes and water level changes must be considered, so the installers create floating design to handle these conditions.

Most of the earth is water, so there are plenty of places to install floating solar pv system. And with the global warming, many places is uninhabitable any more. We can’t ignore these technologies which are widely applicable and beneficial now. Although the floating solar pv system has higher installation cost, its advantages on increasing efficient, keeping ecological balance and convenience overweigh its disadvantages.

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