Mibet: 21 MW Xiamen, China Metal Rooftop Solar Project Completed
In November 2022, Mibetsolar's metal rooftop solar structure project located in Xiamen, China, was successfully completed and connected to the grid. The project has an installed capacity of 21 MW, with the panel mounting system made of aluminum alloy, incorporating a standing seam clamp and a waterproof rail design. This setup annually generates approximately 24.565 million kWh of electricity, significantly reducing the operational energy costs for the factory.

metal roof mounting bracket

Considering the coastal area's vulnerability to strong typhoons, Mibet designed aluminum clamps with internal teeth for this project to enhance their resistance to pull-out forces. Mounting the aluminum rail onto the clamps further strengthens the overall structure, ensuring the foundational stability of the entire solar mounting framework. Through rigorous data simulation tests, we've ascertained that the system can withstand wind pressures up to 0.8 KN/m2.

metal roof mounting bracket

Additionally, MD symmetrical waterproof rails are added above the rails connected to the clamps. Solar panels are finally placed on the waterproof rails, ensuring effective water drainage during torrential rain.

metal roof mounting bracket

The maintenance pathway, specially designed, is not only waterproof but also equipped with ventilation openings on both sides. This design improves air circulation on the panel's surface, enhancing the cooling effect of the solar panels, ensuring stable power generation efficiency. The maintenance walkway's arc-shaped mid-press cover design allows automated cleaning robots to pass without obstruction, facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of solar panels.

With a team of over 30 seasoned R&D engineers, Mibet consistently upholds a high standard in solar mounting system structural design. By taking into account specific project requirements, construction site conditions, local climate challenges, and cost-effectiveness, we offer scientifically rational and structurally robust solutions.
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