Mibet Energy Provides 20.8MW Floating PV Mounting System to MENA

In recent days, the 20.8MW floating PV power plant whose mounting structure is supplied by Mibet Energy achieves Commercial Operation Day. As the largest single floating PV project in the Middle East and North Africa, this power plant will generate 31.6 million kWh power annually, glittering like a gem on the oasis.

Due to long irradiation period, the Middle East and North Africa is the most famous arid and semi-arid region in the world with annual rainfall in most of the regions less than 500mm. Given the scorching heat throughout the year, the water evaporation outnumbers its rainfall and thus the water retained is extremely low.

Since the countries in the Middle East and North Africa have directly experienced the scarcity of water resource and are aware of its importance, policies have been introduced to enhance the utilization and protection of water resource and domestic legislation have been adopted to protect the limited water resource. The client was hoping to maximize the economic benefit by building PV power plant on the reservoir but was worried about the adverse effect it may have upon the water environment. However, Mibet Energy MRac G4N solar floating mounting system perfectly addresses this concern.

Suitable for most of projects on water area, MRac G4N floating PV mounting system adopts module floater + long/short walkway floater + portrait walkway floater+ front/back support as the solution with advantages as follows:

With modular design, it can achieve easy and fast installation.

Adopting HDPE as the material, the floaters can adapt to various microorganisms, PH value and industrial waste pollution. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free with long service life.
The buoyancy of the floater is more than 150kg/㎡, which is meets the requirement of fixed load, snow load and O&M load.
It can resist the impact of various external factors such as the wind, waves, water flow and water level variation. With a skid-proof design, the walkway is extremely safe.
It has diversified layout without occupying much area while maximizing installation capacity and power generation.
It is compatible with all types of solar modules in the market, especially the large dimension ones with 182mm and 210mm wafer.
The long side of solar panel are fixed with the floater to increase its stability.
It boasts of excellent weather resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, and complete sets of floating accessories.

Furthermore, not only has the MRac G4N floating PV mounting system passed couples of professional tests including water quality test and wind tunnel test but also obtained invention patents, utility model patents, appearance design patents and in particular the Gold Sun Certification for Photovoltaic Products from Chine General Certificate as the third-party verification. The solar floating system has been installed and starts operation in projects in China, Thailand, Japan, Poland, Brazil and other countries.

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