Dream Big, Advance Better: the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Mibet Energy

As the new energy revolution sets its foot in, the human society is transitioning to a new era of renewable energy where replacing chemical energy with clean energy has become the most influential trends over the past decade and is destined to leave its mark in history. Ten years isnot eternal moment in the long river of human history, nor is ten years significant given the long history of industrial development. However, it is within thedecade that the Chinese photovoltaic industry has made remarkable achievement. It is also during the period that a rising star in the photovoltaic industry made its debut in the southeast of China ten years ago and its booming development witnessed the Chinese photovoltaic industry developing from a staggering start to the top of the world. With its cradle in Xiamen, China, Mibet Energy has been committing to promoting the development of global green energy over the past decade.

Review of Mibet Energy in the past decade

2012: born with dreams to pursue better future

l Mibet Energy was founded.

l MRac brand was created.

l Solar mounting structures were exported to European and American market.

2013: forge ahead without fear of challenges

l Passed ISO certificate.

l Phase I factory was built and put into use.

l Awarded Top 10 Enterprise by Beijixing Solar Agency.

l Obtained 5 patents.

l Sales amount totaled 30 Million.

l Tapped into the Japanese market.

2014: concentrate on R&D to seek innovation and breakthrough

· Certified by TUV, CE, MCS and AS/NZS.

· Named as Top Mounting Structure Enterprise.

· Awarded top 10 solar mounting structure company.

· R&D team for solar floating system was built.

· Recruited as member unit of China Renewable Energy Society.

· Awarded Integrity Company of Solar Photovoltaic Industry.

2015:overcome obstacles to press ahead

l Annual sales amount topped 100 million.

l Awarded China High-tech Enterprise.

l Named as Excellent Solar Accessories Supplier

l Joined High-Tech Development Association.

l Passed SGS Verification.

l Recruited as member unit of New Energy Industry League.

l Awarded Top 10 Solar Mounting Structure Company for second year.

2016: blazea trail for stable development

l Entered the Australian market

l Awarded Top 10 Solar Mounting Structure Company for three consecutive years.

l Named Excellent Solar Accessories Supplier

l National Technology Innovation Demonstration Unit.

l Top 10 PV Brand .

l Top 20 Global Photovoltaic Power Station Mounting Structure Company.

2017: push forward in different areas and make marvelous achievements

l Japanese branch office was established.

l Rated as AAA Credit Enterprise.

l Honored as Operational Monitoring of Production and Operation of National Medium-sized Enterprises

l Xiamen Demonstrative Enterprise

l Awarded Xiamen Municipal Tech Little Giant Enterprise

l National SME Double Creation and Credibility Demonstration Company

l Top 20 Global Photovoltaic Power Station Mounting Structure Company

▲Japanese branch office

2018: strive with sweat and toil to move another step forward

l Top 10 Solar Mounting Structure Company for 5 years in a row

l Honored as Enormous Potential Renewable, Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Innovative Enterprise of the Year

l Awarded Xiamen Municipal Tech Little Giant Enterprise

l Top 10 Most Popular PV Mounting Brands

l Solar power plant brand BEIJIA was created.

l Best Solar Mounting Structure Supplier of the Year

l Solar power plant division was founded.

2019: innovative development to spearhead the trend

l Top 10 Solar Mounting Structure company for 6 years in a row

l Awarded Fujian Provincial Leading Enterprise for Tech Little Giant

l Awarded Xiamen Growing Small and Medium-size Enterprise

l Awarded National Hi-tech Enterprise

l Best Solar Mounting Structure Supplier of the Year

l Australian subsidiary was established.

2020: fear nothing and stay true to original inspiration

l No.1 market share for distributed PV mounting structure

l PV mounting structure supplier designated for XIONG’AN High-speed Railway Station.

l PV mounting structure supplier designated for Tianjin National Convention Center

l Planning in European market

l Upgraded Smart Tracking System

2021:relocate to new factory and join hands for a better tomorrow

l The shipment of solar mounting structure totaled 3.3GW for the whole year.

l The shipment of floating PV system topped 500MW.

l Relocated to Mibet Energy Industrial Park.

l Awarded the honor of Xiamen Technologically Advanced Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

l Reported by China State Television CCTV as a model for green innovation

Dream big, advance better in 2022

All hard work pays off. With 2022 as a new starting point, all staff of Mibet Energy will continue to walk hand in hand and embark on new journey to pursue dreams.

In 2021, China once again ranked first in terms of new and cumulative photovoltaic installed capacity in the world. From cities to villages, photovoltaic knowledge is gradually spread and gaining popularity. From factories to homes, the application of photovoltaics is expanding step by step. As a typical representative of China's solar mounting industry, Mibet Energy started from scratch to become one of the world's leading solar mounting system companies. In the future, Mibet Energy will continue to forge aheadto create greater glories while upholding the mission of making green energy more effective and efficient.

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