Meet with Mibet at Intersolar Europe 2022, Munich, Germany

During Intersolar Europe 2022, Mibet Energy will showcase various state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic products to demonstrate the latest R&D achievements in water, ground, roof, and other fields, bringing a different visual feast to global customers. Welcome friends and customers to drop by at Mibet Energy booth (A6 260A) for communication and discussion.

Tip: Intersolar Europe

As the largest and most influential solar energy exhibition and fair in the world currently, Intersolar Europe gathers all the internationally well-known enterprises in the industry. With more than two decades of glorious history in international exhibitions, Intersolar has presence of exhibitions and conferences in the most influential markets across the globe.

Intersolar focuses on three main fields of solar technology: photovoltaics (solar power generation), solar systems (hot water supply, heating, industrial heating, and solar air conditioning) and solar buildings. In terms of this theme and its related conferences, Intersolar plays a unique role around the world and has been the top agenda of manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and service providers where it comes to trade fair.

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