New Arrival! Mibet's MRac TR1 Solar Tracking System First Online Live Show

With the development of the PV industry

The smart solar tracking system is more and more favored by people due to its many advantages

As the pioneer to develop smart solar tracking systems in China

Mibet has developed a new generation of solar tracking systems after years of great concentration

MRac Solar Tracking System

Few days ago, Mibet has held a global live stream on multi channels to unveil its MRac TR1 Solar Tracking System.

Industry professionals has presented the System principle, design principle and product features of TR1 online.

Features of TR1 Smart Solar Tracking System

01 Automatic Tracking without Manual Debugging

02 Equipped with AI algorithm system, it can increase power generation by about 20%

03 Multiple automatic maintenance mode to resistant strong wind, snow, rain, etc.

04 Stable operation and high reliability

MRac Solar Tracking System

05 Easy to maintenance and save cost

Solar Tracking System

06 Wide range (+/-60 degree) of tracking angle, tracking angle accuracy ±1 degree

Solar Tracking System

07 Less poles

Solar Tracking System

08 Compatible to variety modules of different size and output power

Mibet's MRac TR1 Solar Tracking System

Better suit for your need

More intelligent, stable and efficient

Bring more values for you!

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