Mibet Energy Continues to Supply Mounting Structure to A 54.6336MW Project in Nasukarasuyama City Amid COVID-19

Located in Nasukarasuyama City, Japan, this project has a total capacity of 54.6336MW with accumulated power generation amounting to about 1.2 billion kW·h for 25 years. This will contribute to save about 1,680 tons of standard coal, and reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of about 4,185 tons and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission of about 126 tons respectively each year.

solar ground mounting structure

Tailored to the needs of the client, the technical team of Mibet Energy adopts PGT2 ground mounting system for this project in accordance with local conditions including wind speed of 30m/s, snow load of 43cm and soil conditions. This project uses standard solar panel (330W, 1956*992*40mm) and Mibet Energy serves as the designer and supplier for the mounting structure in the overall project.

Amid the continuing spread of COVID-19, numerous industries have been stagnated. However, under the precondition that preventative measures have been taken to combat COVID-19, Mibet Energy, backed by its production and R&D capability, has successfully supplied more than 1/3 of mounting structures to the project, playing a crucial role in moving forward the project towards commercial operation date.

solar pv rack systems

Xiamen Mibet Energy Co., Ltd, a high-tech enterprise with advancing patented technology and high-efficiency service, specializes in researching and developing, manufacturing, selling solar energy products and devotes itself to offering the most reliable and economical solar PV mounting system solutions. Since founding, its solar products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions and have become one of the largest export company for solar PV products. Its products comprise of a series of high-tech ones, including Ground mounting system, Carport system, Agricultural greenhouse mounting system, Rooftop mounting system, MRac floating system, MRac distribution system. As it passes numerous products certifications, such as TUV test, SGS material analysis, AS NZS 1170 certification and MCS etc., it remains playing a leading role in the industry in terms of structure design and system performance.

Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd is equipped with great manufacturing ability. Since establishment, its total installation capacity has reached 8GW+ with the annual production capacity of 2000MW+. The company is continuing to expand at fast-speed over the past years in which it sticks to the concept of scientific development and people oriented. Its reasonable design and reliable quality lay solid foundation for the smooth power generation of solar power plants and make itself a trustworthy brand in the solar PV industry. For more details, please click our website:

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