Mibet Energy Contributes Againto the Efficient and Intelligent Distributed PV Logistics Park by GLP

GLP is not only the largest provider of modern logistics facilities in China, but also the early forerunner for intelligent logistics and ecosystem of relevant industries in the Chinese market. Together with its brand GLP I-Park, Global Logistic Properties has business operations in 42 strategic markets across China and is currently investing in, owning and managing 336 logistics parks, industrial parks and tech-campuses with total property areas of 37.4 million square meters. As the leading global logistics and industrial infrastructure provider, Global Logistic Properties has always taken the initiative on the investment and development of renewable energy, quickened the pace to establish low-carbon and environment-friendly storage and built zero emission logistics park. It has partnered with some prominent PV companies in China, such as Longi and Sungrow, to jointly push the logistics storage towards automation, intelligence and environmental protection.

 solar mounting structure suppliers

As one of the leading solar mounting structure suppliers in China, Mibet Energy has gained great reputation among clients home and abroad thanks to its production speed, product quality and delivery capacity. Backed by its cooperation with prominent companies including Longi, Sungrow and Trina for numerous years as well as its strong manufacturing capacity, Mibet Energy is once again selected by Global Logistic Properties in 2020 for the joint project between Global Logistic Properties and Sungrow in which Mibet Energy continues to supply the mounting structure for low-carbon and environment-friendly storage facilities following the completion of supply of mounting structure to more than 20 logistics parks in 2019. It maximizes the use of existing resources, save operating costs for customers, foster environment-friendly values and share social responsibilities with customers to achieve the common goal of low-carbon environmental protection.

So far as now, Mibet Energy has supplied 36.5MW mounting structure to the project and it is expected that all deliveries will be finished in the end of May 2020.

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