Mibet Energy Year-end Banquet| Seize the Day and Live It to The Full in 2020

On January 17, 2020, Mibet Energy held year-end banquet in Wanda Realm Xiamen North Bay Hotel where all staff gathered to celebrate the achievements made in 2019 and expect a bright outlook in 2020.

Various outstanding talent shows were performed in the year-end banquet,

including magic, singing and sketch comedy. All staff showed a brand new himself totally different from usual and the cheers,

screams and applauses off the stage pushed the banquet to climax one after another.

The most anticipated thing in the year-end banquet was undoubtedly the raffle draw.

Five levels of prizes were presented,

including an extraordinary Grand Prize.

The Cash prize made staff more exciting.

The banquet may come to an end but the journey for a better future remains to be continued.

Mibet Energy always appreciates the past.

Every success and progress of Mibet Energy will not be possible without the support and help from everyone.

Mibet Energy always looks to the future.

Where there is dream, there is future.

Seize the Day and Live It to The Full

Let’s bid farewell to 2019 and embrace the arrival of 2020.

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