Mibet Energy Donates Medical Supplies to the Pandemic Frontline in Xiamen

On September 12, one COVID-19 positive case was identified in Tong an District, Xiamen City during a screening campaign and since then the pandemic has spread to other parts of the city abruptly. In the face of this unexpected pandemic, Mibet Energy takes quick actions by urging the employees residing in the high and medium risk areas to work from home and keeping an eye on the updates and nucleic acid test progress of employees to stay in line with the pandemic prevention and control measures adopted by the government.

As Chinese, we all stand as one family. The medical staff and volunteers working on the front line of the pandemic have forged a solid protection line with their sweats and toils, providing the shield for millions of Xiamen people. Upon knowing that the COVID-19 situation is severe in Tong an District and that the residents and medical workers are confronted with insufficient daily necessities and medical supplies, Mibet Energy immediately reaches out to Red Cross in Tong an District and donates one batches of daily necessities and medical supplies worth of 150,000 RMB. Mibet Energy stands together with the Tong an people to go through this difficult time.

On September 28, Mr. Henry Chen, president of Mibet Energy, regardless of the scorching sun, personally instructs the staff to deliver medical supplies including medical surgical masks, KN95 protective masks, protective goggles, disposable mask as well as quarantine gown and daily necessities including rice and cooking oil to the pandemic frontline so that the supplies will be distributed to those in need at first hand.

Born and taking root in Xiamen, Mibet Energy is willing to stand together with the Xiamen people to fight against the pandemic given the hard times faced by the people and continuously contribute to the social development with its enterprise force, put up a wall of love to fend off the pandemic and collectively build a happy and healthy homeland.

Love never fades away even in the occurrence of pandemic. Mibet Energy will continue to undertake its mission, utter the most to support the pandemic protection work and honors the promises to employees, customers, and the society. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of the people of Xiamen, strong ties will be cemented among us and this war against pandemic will prevail soon.

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