Mibet Energy's Floating Systems Help 1.5MW PV Power On-grid in Thailand Smoothly

Few days ago, the installation for the 1.5MW floating photovoltaic power plant project in Thailand has been completed, and it has been officially integrated into the power grid and put into use. Mibet Energy, a Chinese Fujian based solar racking system supplier, with honor provided the entire floating plant with its high quality G4N floating systems.The project is located in the northeast of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, with a water area of approximately 20,000 square meters and an annual power generation capacity of 2.28 million kWh, which can reduce approximately 200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

In starting, Mibet Energy team kept close relation with the customer, After a long communication based on the necessary information and details for the project, Mibet's engineer team draw out the customization design according to the local environments in an effective way and recommended our floating system G4N as the floating solution.

With multiple advantages, G4N floating solar PV system is adaptable for most floating projects:

Modular design, simple and convenient splice installation.
The floater is made of high density polyethylene, which ensures its long service time.
Various array designs, easier to combine; no need for any land space, increase the power generation.
Compatible with various solar module, which reduce the cost.
Lower the cost of the whole system and has stronger competitive advantage.
Strong weather resistance capability, easy to operation and simple maintenance.

So far, the Mibet's MRac Floating system has passed a series of professional tests and examinations, including but not limited, TUV raw material test, TUV UV test, TUV wind tunnel test, drinking water test, Product Structure Performance Test, SGS Flame Retardant Test, and etc. And a series important certificates were granted by third party authorizations, like the Golden Sun Certificate for Photovoltaic Products from China General Certification Center. By now, our floating product has been installed and put into use in many countries, including China, Thailand, Japan, Poland, Brazil, and many other countries.

(Patents and Certificates)

Adhere to the original intention of "quality and service is our first priority", Mibet's sales team will respond in time and give detailed answers to the any questions raised by customers. With the quickly respond and high quality service, Mibet has won high reputation among our customers in Thailand.

As one of the most important economies in Southeast Asia, more than 50% of energy demand in Thailand comes from imports. In order to increase the total country power generation, the Thai government has formulated a number of incentive policies and made the goals for renewable energy projects. Under these schemes, it is expected that the Thai solar market will develop at a rapid rate of 9.14% from 2019 to 2024.

Aiming at the demand of renewable energy in Thailand, Mibet has made the market developing plan according to the relevant market information. Great achievements come from diligent sweat. Only during the first half of 2021, Mibet has supplied more than 57MW solar mounting structures to Thailand, which further enhanced the brand awareness and made Mibet be well known by more customers.

As a leading supplier of photovoltaic solar mounting system products, Mibet has supplied more than 1GW floating solar mounting systems. Based on the current situation and forecast the future, Mibet will continue to devote itself to developing and researching more products with higher effectiveness, stability, safety and cost-effective, to improve the power generation efficiency, promote the transformation of renewable energy and contribute to the environment protection!

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