Perfect Ending of 2020 Shanghai SNEC—An Impressive Display of Mibet Energy Latest Products

From August 7 to 10, SNEC 14th (2020) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition was successfully concluded in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. During the exhibition, Mibet Energy adopts the online and offline marketing practice simultaneously with products displayed including solar tracker for bifacial solar module, new solar carport structure, solar floating system G4N, rooftop mounting structure and partial ground mounting structure, which enormously impresses the market.

For more highlights, please click the video to play.

As the situation of COVID-19 is gradually getting back to right track, green lights are being given step by step to various kinds of conferences and exhibitions, which undoubtedly boosts the market confidence. Given this impoving condition, Mibet Energy filled with sincere heart brings the latest products and innovative technology to the exhibition by combining the online and offline method.

A glimpse of products exhibited

Rooftop mounting structure

Solar floating system-G4N

olar floating system G4N

Solar tracker mounting structure

Ground mounting structure-PGT2

Online live show:

During the exhibition, our products have been the limelight of the exhibition hall with numerous people visiting our booth. Our sales and technical staff patiently and carefully introduce our products to customers, communicate project details again and again and provide solutions to technical difficulties faced by clients. With solid industry and project experience, professional know-how and cost-effective products, Mibet Energy is highly recognized by clients who attend the exhibition.

Mibet Energy Not only demonstrates its hardcore capability with regard to product and technology, but also conducts profound and extensive interaction with industry peers, customers and upstream and downstream enterprises. In contemporary times, all countries across the world are sparing no efforts in promoting green energy featured by high efficiency, cleanliness, low carbon and intelligence, which has become the consensus of people worldwide. Energy saving, emission reduction, and sustainable green development are a crucial goal that people in the photovoltaic industry shall continue pursuit. With the mission of Make Green Energy More Effective and Efficient, Mibet Energy will set out from the new starting point, march towards new journey, empower the global PV market with more effective and efficient products and make more contributions to the development of global green energy.

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