The 8th Founding Anniversary Celebration of Mibet Energy— Forging Ahead with You

In 2020, we face the era of change, which challenges and opportunities coexist.

In 2020, we set our hears meet force and forge ahead, no mater whether rain or shine.

Jul 24th, 2020, the day is the day of Mibet Energy’s 8th Founding Anniversary, all the staff gathers together to share this happiness and joy of this big family.

The 8th Founding Anniversary Celebration

The First 8 Years: determinate mission

Time is the best witness in the face of the change. For 8 years, we have been remaining true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. Under the leadership of the company management, extraordinary achievements have been made throughout the journey, such as the staff number over 200, products have been sale to more than 100 countries and regions, total capacity over 6 GW with an annual capacity exceeding 2000MW, more than 30 domestic and international patents obtained, etc. In the meantime, we make efforts to build Mibet’s professional R&D team and sales team, aimed to be the pioneer of the photovoltaic solar mounting industry. All of this is the source of pride for each Mibet staff.

Next 8 Years: Forge Ahead

In this era, we must keep running. The future is around the corner before we can stop our pace.

From today, Mibet New Energy begins to enter the second eight years. We are delighted to meet the inestimable opportunities ahead of us. In the future, we will contribute safer and more efficient products for global photovoltaic power stations relying on high efficiency and high-quality product technology innovation, helping to boost the thriving development of the global photovoltaic industry.

2922 Days: Be Blessed to Have Your Companion

Companionship is the longest confession of love. Over the past eight years, we tramp over mountains and overcome the obstacles together.The development of Mibet Energy in the past 8 years can not be achieved without the efforts of each staff. On this important day, the 8th anniversary celebration of Mibet Energy is held at Howard Johnson Jimei Lake Plaza Xiamen. The administrative department planed wonderful performances, including dancing and singing, mingled with awarding for senior staff and cutting cake ceremony, which pushed the evening banquet to its climax. The prolonged applause throughout the whole banquet and makes the atmosphere to one climax and another. Everyone shows their good wishes to Mibet’s future with their happy laughter and cheerful voice.

All staff of Mibet Energy would like to deliver our sincere gratitude to our clients, distributors, and business partners. Without you, Mibet Energy would not be able to reach what it is today. We look forward to your continuous support and patronage in the upcoming days.

Staff photo

 Message from the President

 Awarding of old employees

 Awarding of old employees

Cut cake


 Watch the performances

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