4 Common Types Of Solar Photovoltaic Brackets
Nov 02 , 2021

4 Common Types Of Solar Photovoltaic Brackets

1. Sloping roof photovoltaic system:

Use adjustable height parts to meet some requirements of different thicknesses of tile roofs.
  • Most of the accessories are designed with multiple openings, which can realize the flexible adjustment of the position of the bracket.
  • Does not damage the waterproofing system of the roof.

2. Flat roof photovoltaic system:
There are also many forms of photovoltaic system flat roofs, such as: concrete flat roofs, color steel flat roofs, steel structure flat roofs, spherical joint roofs, etc. Their characteristics are:
  • It can be laid neatly on a larger scale.
  • Have a variety of stable and reliable connection with the foundation.

3. Ground photovoltaic system:
Generally used in ground photovoltaic power station projects, concrete strips are often used as the basic form. Its characteristics are:
  • The structure is streamlined and can be installed quickly.
  • The adjustment form is relatively flexible and can be adjusted according to the complex requirements of the construction site.

4. Column solar support:
This system is a ground-reinforced structure mainly to meet the installation requirements of large-size battery modules, and is generally used in areas with high wind speeds.

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