Important considerations for installing a solar system
Nov 17 , 2021

With the expansion and popularity of energy-saving goals, the use of solar panel systems in people's daily lives has also become more and more popular. When installing a solar system, the most important consideration may be the construction and selection of the solar panel support. The success of solar systems depends on whether there is enough sunlight to capture enough usable solar energy to convert into usable energy.

If your system is not installed correctly, you will not get enough sunlight to make your investment viable. There are generally two types of solar installations: mobile and non-mobile solar installations. The key to the solar panel bracket is to have equipment that can be used for several years and withstand different weather conditions.

There are four commonly used materials for solar panel brackets: aluminum, angle iron, wood and stainless steel. Aluminum is light and corrosion resistant, but easy to use but difficult to weld. Angle iron works well, but it corrodes quickly. If you live in a humid environment, you should avoid using this material. Wood is cheap and easy to obtain, and although it is easy to work, it may not be affected by the weather for a long time. Stainless steel is very suitable for longevity, but it is expensive to use. This is great in areas with many different weather types.

A good bracket will take into account the wind load at the specific angle where you want to install the solar panel. Good advice from a local contractor can provide you with guidance in this regard so that you can consider this factor. In general, plan for the worst type of weather that may occur in your area and consider it based on the type of installation you purchase and install.

If you plan to use the tracker with solar panels, you need to make sure that it requires very little energy and electricity, just like a single-axis tracker. The tracker allows your solar panel to move and capture most of the sun's rays for energy. It is recommended to use concrete with anchor bolts to hold your tracker firmly in place.

Solar panel supports can also be placed on the roof, but it is more complicated than placing them on the ground or poles. Solar panels installed on the roof will definitely cause roof leaks, so please consider the weather in your area before installing such brackets. Over time, continuous leaking of your roof can cause serious damage. The advantage of this type of setup is that it requires less space for solar power generation because the roof has already allocated space on your property.

Finally, when it comes to solar panel supports, what you need is functionality and durability. You will plan ahead where you need to place the solar system and predict different types of weather in the climate. Then, the choice of materials will correspond to this, and your mount type will follow. Once you have all the details, choosing your mount will be easy.

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