How to avoid the risks of floating photovoltaic system projects?
Dec 15 , 2021
Floating photovoltaic power plants have spread all over the world. There are nearly 800 surface photovoltaic power plants in operation and under construction. The cumulative global application has exceeded 1.1GW, involving multiple application scenarios such as drinking water reservoirs, hydroelectric power station reservoirs, offshore waters and extreme cold areas. , Reliability and environmental protection have been widely recognized.
Floating PV Mounting System
How to avoid the risks of floating photovoltaic system projects has become a focus of the industry. We have summarized the following three points. If these three points are well done, project risks can be greatly reduced.

1. Product design is the source

The most basic components of the floating array are floating bodies, brackets, bolts and nuts for water surface photovoltaics. Product design, material selection, processing technology, product testing, etc. not only affect the strength, toughness, environmental protection, weather resistance, and service life of the product itself, but are also basic factors that determine the stability and safety of the floating power station. Using low-end inferior materials and cutting corners to reduce the wall thickness of the floating body will greatly reduce the service life of the system and bring project risks. In addition to adequate project site exploration and strict simulation calculations, a large number of experimental verifications and large-scale actual project operation verifications are also indispensable.

2. The anchoring system design is the key

The role of the anchoring system is to fix the floating array, respond to rising and falling water levels, resist strong winds and waves and water flow, control the displacement range of the floating array, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the surface photovoltaic power station. The design of anchoring system needs to comprehensively consider key environmental factors such as local wind load, water depth and drop, water size, topography, etc. It needs to pass "theory + experiment" analysis and accumulate multiple project implementation experience to ensure safety.

3. After-sales technical guidance is a guarantee

Rich experience in large-scale project installation and construction guidance, professional after-sales technical team, scientific construction platform construction suggestions, and sub-square temporary anchoring schemes and other technical guidance guarantees play an important role in the smooth implementation of the entire project, and can reduce the risk of construction To the lowest. Construction technical guidance is very important to the progress of the project, but a very small number of manufacturers have insufficient after-sales technical guidance and have not fulfilled their responsibilities and obligations.

In order to reduce the project risk as much as possible, the supplier needs to provide specific construction platform design suggestions according to different project terrain characteristics, matching the site terrain conditions and construction schedule requirements.

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