Choosing the Ideal Solar Panel Mounts
Oct 09 , 2021

In this era when electricity costs are hitting record highs and may continue to rise, solar panels seem to be the best invention of mankind so far. However, solar panels require professional installation. If you do not install it correctly, it may become a burden for us. The solar panel support is very important. There are different types, in addition to cost, you must also consider their convenience and practicality.

There are currently three basic types of solar panel brackets on the market. Each type is developed for a specific type of photovoltaic system so that your panels can perform optimally.

Pole mounting is very popular because you only need to mount it on the top of the pole. It also has a track rod mount to make the panel follow the sun. This allows the solar device to absorb as much sunlight as possible during the day. This means you will be able to take full advantage of your photovoltaic system.

The roof ground mount is one of the most expensive mounts available. This is because they are specifically designed to hold large panels in place. They are very durable, no matter how big the panel is, they are guaranteed to support your panel. They are also called universal solar panel supports because they can be used to support different types of solar panels. You can choose to place it on the roof or on the ground. Either way, you should remember to make sure that the city allows this type of installation.

Flush mounts are the cheapest of all three mounts, and this is for good reason. They are only designed to support small photovoltaic systems, i.e. small panels. For those who want to install solar panels on their RVs or roofs, this is the ideal way to install solar panels. However, they are not as flexible as other mounts. In addition, you must consider the distance between the panel and the roof, because if it is installed too close to the surface, it will overheat very quickly.

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