The important role of solar carports
Jul 05 , 2021

The solar carport not only has the functions of a normal carport, but also effectively reduces the damage to the vehicle by sunlight, wind, snow, rain and dew. Its biggest advantage is that as long as the charging cabinet is installed under the carport and connected to the line of the array, it can be an electric car.

Flexible use of space:

Effective use of the space that was originally not valued not only perfectly realizes solar power generation, but also maximizes the use of land resources. The solar carport system also maximizes the flexibility and functions of space.

Extensive application functions:

1. As a parking shed, it protects vehicles from rain and sunlight. 2. It can charge electric vehicles and realize environmental protection functions through energy recycling. 3. Barrier-free design, convenient for vehicles to come and go freely. 4. It can be used as a platform for advertising.

Significant cost savings:

1. The highest level of pre-assembly before leaving the factory, and product delivery according to the installation schedule; 2. The installation instructions of various components are marked in different colors, which is the simplest realization of installation instructions;

3. The adjustment of the installation tolerance is realized to the greatest extent, and the error caused by the installer's operation or the equipment;

4. Modular installation program, each installation program does not conflict with each other.

Reliable mechanics verification:

According to each project, the static analysis and the optimization of the use of materials are carried out separately, which reduces the increasing cost pressure in the ground system. All stability tests The tests are carried out in accordance with existing standards.

Maximum use period

The raw materials of all components are made of aluminum alloy 6005-T5 and stainless steel 304, with long service life, high residual value, and no waste disposal costs.

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