What problems should be paid attention to when installing a rooftop solar mounting system?
Aug 03 , 2021

What problems should be paid attention to when installing a rooftop solar mounting system?

1. There must be plenty of sunlight: The advocates of solar photovoltaic power plants usually claim that photovoltaic solar panels can generate electricity even on cloudy days. Yes, it is possible to generate electricity from rooftop solar photovoltaic power stations. But the power generation will be greatly reduced. In rainy weather, it is estimated that the photovoltaic power generation will be reduced by 50% to 90%. Therefore, before installation, you must carefully consider it, otherwise there will be insufficient sunlight or obstruction, which will affect the power generation of the photovoltaic power station.

Therefore, you must first ensure the installation location of the photovoltaic solar power panels to ensure that their sunshine time is more than four hours, but the photovoltaic solar power panels do not have to face south. In fact, the latest research found that it is better to install solar panels facing west, not because it will generate more electricity than photovoltaic solar panels installed facing south, but because it can be used in the afternoon or evening for a few hours of peak power consumption. The rooftop solar photovoltaic power station is still generating electricity normally.

2. The roof must have enough area
In fact, the output of the photovoltaic power generation system largely depends on the area of the solar panels you install. Because you must install a certain number of solar panels to make your solar power system generate enough electricity. The specific number of professionals can be calculated according to your actual situation.

3. Electricity price and subsidy: Whether it is suitable to install photovoltaic solar power panels, in addition to considering the cost of photovoltaic solar power panels and the amount of electricity that can be generated, you have to think about the current retail price of electricity. If you live in an area where electricity costs are high, it is necessary to install a household photovoltaic solar power station to use part of the solar energy, which can save you a lot of money.

To build distributed photovoltaic power generation, users should find a qualified installation department to install, and try to set up an independent power distribution room, and do independent grounding for lightning protection.
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