Flat Roof Solar Mounting System-Installation Guide
Mar 05 , 2021
Flat roof solar mounting system is suitable for varied types of flat roof. According to the roof load capacity and waterproof requirements, this system can be fixed onto the roof with a concrete foundation or ballasted way. Besides, adapted by the high-quality steel and C-type steel as the material, it has strong stability and elegant appearance. And the solution can be designed according to the specific wind load and snow load capacity, which makes it can reduce the costs on the condition of ensuring the system strength requirements.
Flat roof solar mounting system

Flat Roof Solar Mounting System Installation Process:

1. Clean the roof surface and locate the installation position by the tapeline before installing the foundation.

2.Drill a hole on the concrete foundation by the impact driver and the hole depth should be suitable for the bolt kit M10.

3.Knock the expansion bolt into the hole by the non-metallic hammer, such as the wooden hammer or rawhide hammer. The bolt part outside of the hole should be 30mm.

4.Install the base onto the foundation and lock it tightly with the bolts by the wrench. (Install the rest bases by the same way)

5. Plan the back post installation position according to the installation tilt angle and connect the back-post with the base.

6.Fix the side beam and connect it with the back post and base.

7.Install the beam onto the side beam.

8.Install the solar modules onto the beam and fix it with the end clamp kits. The ground clearance of the module from the lower side should be 300mm. it is required 2 peoples to fix the solar modules during the installation and use a level to ensure all the modules are at the same hight.
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