Ground Mount Solar Racking System
Feb 23 , 2021
Ground Mount Solar Racking System are usually for large-scale and utility-scale solar PV power plant. The solar arrays are attached to the racking system with its foundation directly into the ground. In rare cases, these ground mounted solar arrays can be installed for residential use given the proper space allocation, lack of shading obstructions, and local/state regulations allow it.

Mibet Recommends GT6
Our MRac Ground Terrace GT6 suits for medium to large scale solar PV projects. With optimized structure design, GT6 minimize the quantity of beam to save cost based on structure strength guarantee.

Ground Mount Solar Racking SystemSolar Ground Mounting Systems

The Solar Panel Racks Ground Mounting System can achieve minor adjustment onsite with special design of Anchor Plate to adapt to different sites. Patented and certified system design ensure projects safety and quick installation.

Pre-assembled Components Save Onsite Installation Time, Solution design case by case, most components pre-assembled in factory, no onsite cut and drill request, saving the onsite installation time and cost.

No Drill on Horizontal Rails, It improves the strength of the system to fix the rails onto the post by special designed clamps, with force at the same direction of the gravity. No Portrait Beam Design, Saving material cost, smaller package lead to lower packing and freight cost. Flexibility of Foundations Match, Suitable for ground screw piles, concrete foundation and steel foundation.

Xiamen Mibet New Energy Co., Ltd. is one of leading solar energy products manufacturers. We supply all kinds of solar roof mounting system and solar ground mounting system. Our sales team will provide installation guide and on-line service, and will provide 10-year quality warranty and 5-year product waranty.  Welcome to view more! Tailored to your needs.
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