Why Solar Panel Racking are important
Jan 21 , 2021

From the most people see a solar panel, it is difficult to see how panels are attached to a roof.  Since they are not visible, and most consumers do not spend much time thinking about what mechanisms keeping their panels attached. Furthermore, since mounting and racking systems are somewhat hidden, most people aren’t overly concerned about them.  In fact, since they are not the ‘money maker’ or ‘energy producer’ racking and mounting systems do not get glorified or researched like the solar panels do. Solar mounting system can help with the tilt and facing direction, our experience as a solar mounting structure manufacturer is that the racking and mounting systems are just as important, if not more, than the panels reflecting light off the roof are.

Some tariff helps east-west-facing systems generating an optimal return on investment, especially if the property utilizing solar feed-in tariffs has low electricity usage in the middle of the day.

Solar guidelines for residential PV recommend a minimum tilt of 10° to ensure self-cleaning by rainfall; and for grid-connected PV systems, recommend positioning panels at the angle of latitude to maximize the amount of energy produced annually.

With Adjustable Base All Q235B Hot-Dip Galvanized MRac Ground Solar PV Mounting System is suitable for large-scale and utility-scale solar PV power plant.

Main components are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, with good performance of structure strength, stability and anti-corrosion, compatible with varied solar modules. Patented and certified solar system design ensure projects safety and quick installation.

Pre-assembled Components Save Onsite Installation Time,Solution design case by case, most components pre-assembled in factory, no onsite cut and drill request, saving the onsite installation time and cost.

Downward Module installation,Fixing clamps under the solar module frames with downward module clamps improve the module installation efficiency, workers no need to climb onto the panel, effectively save the installation time.

Flexibility and Adjustability,The structure can be adjusted with some tolerance with east-west, west-south and south-north directions, assuring flexible on-site installation to achieve best yield for solar modules.

Structure Waterproof,Structure waterproof beam design improves the anti-leaking and drainage capacity.

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