Ground-Mounted Solar Panels May Be More Efficient
May 18 , 2021

Compared with rooftop installations, Ground mounted pv systems can generate more energy for every watt of solar installed.

The cooler the solar system, the higher the efficiency. When the heat is reduced, friction will also be reduced due to the transfer of energy from the solar panel to your home or business.

The solar panels installed on the roof are located a few inches above the roof. On a sunny day, the roof that is not obscured by any shadow can heat up quickly. The ventilation space under the solar panels is very small.

However, if a ground support is used, there will be a few feet between the bottom of the solar panel and the ground. Air can flow freely between the ground and the panel, helping to keep the temperature of the solar system low, thereby increasing efficiency.

In addition to the slight increase in production due to the lower temperature, you will also have more freedom in the location of the installation system, the direction it faces, and the inclination of the panel.

If optimized, these factors can increase the productivity of the rooftop installation system, especially if the location of your rooftop installation of solar cells is poor. You need to choose a location where there are no shadows from nearby trees or buildings. It is best to place the system facing south. The south-facing system will receive the most sunlight throughout the day.

In addition, your installer can design the rack system to tilt at the best angle for your location. When using a solar roof mount system, the inclination of the solar system is limited by the inclination of the roof.

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