Scientists Want to Launch Floating Solar Power System
May 06 , 2021

The first floating solar power plants will soon see the light of day offshore. There are many advantages to utilizing solar energy at sea: valuable land areas can be freed up, and it will be possible to utilize ocean areas that are of little use today. In addition, water-based solar energy can give energy production an extra boost, both because it increases the available areas for solar power, but also because water provides a natural cooling effect for the solar panels. This effect provides increased efficiency and optimizes operation.

However, the development of water-based installations is not without challenges. The installations must withstand dynamic conditions including waves, wind and currents, and at the same time, it must be competitive on price. This is where engineers and scientists come into the picture. The goal is to develop efficient and cost-effective technical solutions for solar mounting system energy.

floating solar system

Recently, one team carried out a model test that shows that floating solar power plants can withstand a lot - perhaps so much that they can be launched far out to sea. Today's concepts are mostly designed for lakes and hydropower reservoirs, and many of them would fall short if they were exposed to waves."

The researchers want to continue the technical work with model testing of floating solar structures in exposed areas at sea. In addition, the team will collaborate with colleagues who can look at societal aspects, and what impact the installations will have on the environment. "This industry has a strong and unique position as a leader in renewable energy, offshore technology and marine operations.

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