How to Build a Personal Photovoltaic Solar Power System?
Mar 22 , 2021

Photovoltaic power generation is a kind of green and renewable energy that uses photovoltaic components to convert light radiation into electrical energy. In recent years, it has been slowly recognized and accepted by the public at home and abroad. Unlike traditional energy sources such as thermal power generation and hydropower generation, photovoltaic power generation is not only can be used in commercially, and ordinary households can also use photovoltaic power generation.

Ordinary households establish personal photovoltaic solar power generation systems,usually in two forms:ground mount solar systems and roof solar mounting systems. Want to install a system that can generate electricity is very simple, mainly need five things:
1. Solar panels
2. Solar mounting system
3. Cables
4. Photovoltaic inverter

5. The meter that the grid company is responsible for installing

solar ground mounting structure

solar panel power systems

Photovoltaic inverter: The electricity generated by solar panels is direct current, and household appliances cannot be used directly. It must be converted into alternating current through an inverter before it can be used for household use.

Next, you need to consider the design of the system. Since the installed capacity of the household system (MaximumInput) is generally about 1-5 kilowatts, the system design and installation are very simple, and the inverter should be selected according to the installed capacity of the machine with the specifications of 1-5 kilowatts. can.

After the completion of the project, the power supply company shall pass the inspection and acceptance, install the electric energy metering device, sign the purchase and sale contract and the grid-connected dispatch agreement with the project owner or power user, and directly connect to the grid after passing the commissioning. If photovoltaic and other power generating equipment have been installed, the power department shall directly install the relevant grid-connected equipment.

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