How to install solar panels on your roof?
Jul 23 , 2021
Most solar arrays require a railing/hook system of sorts in order to be attached to your homes roof.
The process is somewhat straight forward really, and depends mostly on the type of roof you have.

Now We will explain how to attach solar panels onto a common slate tiled roof.

In all cases, you install racking that the panels mount to. The racking is extruded aluminum rails that have channels for the mounting hardware for the panels.

The attachment of the racking varies based on the roof type.

Asphalt shingles(asphalt shingle hook) - You have to find the roof joists and drill through the roof to the joists. You then screw through the roof into the joists with special bolts. They are wood screw lag threads on one end, and racking attachment point on the other end. The lag screws go into the joists and the racking hardware attaches to the other end. You have to install the bolts with flashing that tucks up under the shingles to keep the roof weatherproof.

Standing seam steel (metal roof pv structure)- You bolt steel clamps to the standing seams. The racking then bolts to the top of the clamps with L-shaped brackets. The clamps are spaced at a certain distance, but don't have to be specifically aligned with the joists. This attachment system doesn't require making any holes in the roof. The clamps need to be specific to the seam shape.

Tile (Tile Roof PV Structure)- You get hooks that mount under the tiles and then come out under the tiles to bolt the racking. The books bolt through the roof to the joists with lag screws.

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