What Are The Advantages of Solar Carport Mounting System?
Sep 26 , 2021
The solar carport mounting systems is very popular in developed countries. It mainly combines photovoltaic modules with the carport roof, which can not only meet the parking demand, but also provide power to the grid, increase income, and photovoltaic power generation is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For large hospitals with limited land, building a green energy-saving solar carport is an effective solution.

Advantages of photovoltaic carport

Photovoltaic carport is a power generation system that uses solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. Its main components are photovoltaic modules, brackets and inverters. Its advantages are high reliability, long service life, no environmental pollution, independent power generation and grid-connected operation, it is welcomed by households and enterprises, and its development prospects are broad.

Energy saving brings benefits at the same time

Solar carports came into being. Compared with installing photovoltaic modules on the roof of the carport, the combination of photovoltaic modules and the roof of the carport can save costs. It can not only realize all the functions of the traditional carport, but also generate electricity to bring benefits to car owners. It is generally supported by steel structure, which is simple and elegant, stylish and beautiful. It is a clean and environmentally friendly new energy source, effectively alleviating the social environment and energy pressure.

Distributed photovoltaic grid-connected system refers to a grid-connected power generation system that uses photovoltaic components to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. The system is located near the user, and the generated electricity can be used locally. It can be connected to the grid at a voltage level of 10 kV and below. The total installed capacity of a single interconnection point (380V) does not exceed 6 MW, and the total installed capacity of a single interconnection point on the 220V user side. The capacity does not exceed 8 kilowatts.

The distributed photovoltaic power generation system can be installed in any place where there is sunlight, including the ground, the top of the building, the side elevation, and the balcony. Among them, it is widely used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, villas, houses, factories, enterprises and institutions roofs, carports, bus stop signs; it can be installed on concrete, color steel plate and ceramic tile roofs.

The types of photovoltaic carports are divided into double carports and multiple carports. Most of them are modular in design, which can be used alone or in a variety of combinations. They are easy to expand, ranging from a few parking spaces to hundreds of parking spaces, and are highly flexible. If ordinary photovoltaic modules are used, the overall cost is lower. If the installed capacity is large, the income will be higher and the investment payback period will be short.
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