What are the different types of solar ground mount installations?
Jun 28 , 2021
Most homeowners put solar panels on the roof, but if you have space in your yard, installing solar on the ground may be a better choice. Ground solar installations are mainly divided into two types, one is a standard solar ground bracket, which fixes the panels in one place, and the second is to use pole-type solar brackets to make them higher from the ground.

Standard solar ground bracket

Standard or traditional ground mounts use ground anchors to hold up a racking table that supports the solar panels on rails. The exact method of anchoring will depend on your ground conditions: using concrete piers is most common, but driven piers, helical piles, and concrete ballasts are options, as well.

The standard solar ground-mount system is the easiest and most cost-effective solution for a ground install, and also the most common.  Because the system gives the owner more freedom about where to point their solar panels, a ground mounted system can generate more power and give you more freedom to locate your system.

While solar arrays normally need very little maintenance, having your equipment at ground level does make both maintenance and repairs a lot easier.

Pole-type solar brackets

To build a pole-mounted solar system, you need to dig a large hole in the ground instead of digging a few small holes like a standard ground installation. This type of installation uses one or more rods to support a set of panels. A single pole can be used to support only one panel or a small group of panels. For very large systems, it can also be extended to use many poles.

Pole-mount systems offer greater clearance from the ground, which is useful in avoiding foliage or other ground obstructions, and can even be used to provide space and shelter for animals to graze underneath. Another advantage of pole mounts is that they can easily incorporate a single-axis or dual-axis tracking system; these enable the panels to follow the sun over the course of the day and thus produce more energy.

They are easy to install. They keep the panels off the ground and out of harm’s way but are easy to adjust and to reach for snow removal.

You can choose different installation methods according to different needs.
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