What is the main purpose of solar panels?
Jun 11 , 2021
The main purpose of solar panels is to produce electricity using solar energy.

Solar energy is renewable, economically viable, eco-friendly, clean and green energy with zero carbon emission.

Initially, solar power plants were set up to get electricity in remote areas where grid electricity was not available and it was costly. However with the rapid growth in solar technologies; today solar energy is efficient and cheap. Hence most solar power plants are set up with a purpose to reduce electricity bills.

Limitation of a solar panel system for solar power plant: We get sunlight for limited hours in a day hence solar power plants can produce electricity for limited hours. This limitation can be overcome by using batteries to store electricity which can be drawn in the absence of sunlight to ensure 24*7 availability of electricity. On average, a solar power plant generates electricity for around 5.5 hours a day. Please note that a solar power plant with storage (batteries) costs much more than the one without storage.

How do they work?

solar panel work

A Solar panel comprises of many smaller units called photovoltaic cells. (Photovoltaic simply means the conversion of sunlight into electricity.)

When sunlight falls on the solar panel it free's electrons from the atoms, thus generating a flow of electricity.

Hence, it works by converting solar radiation (sunlight) into electricity via the photovoltaic effect.

There are three common solar power systems,ground mounted solar panel system, roof solar mounting system and floating solar mounting system. Get more solar energy generation solution from

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