What are the advantages of a floating solar plant?
Apr 26 , 2021

Floating solar panels generation requires implementation of photovoltaic technologies over water bodies. In the past few years, it has appeared as one of the favorable substitutes to ground mounted PV system.

What are the advantages of a floating solar plant?

Some of the benefits of Floating Solar System are as follows :

Higher gains in energy production

Correlations between the solar PV array yield, solar PV array temperature, and local weather conditions such as ambient temperature, wind speed, solar irradiance, etc. are well known. These correlations indicate that reduction in ambient temperature and higher wind speed reduces the solar PV array temperature which in turn results in higher energy yield.

Land neutral

Since Floating PV plants are installed on water surfaces, the land requirement is none or greatly reduced as compared to ground-mounted solar PV plants and hence floating solar PV is termed as land neutral.

Reduction in water evaporation

Loss of water resources due to evaporation is a well-known phenomenon, reported as high as 40% worldwide, and its effect is more significant particularly in dry and aired regions.

Possibility of sharing existing electrical infrastructure

Many inland waterbodies especially reservoirs used for various purposes like irrigation, water supply, reservoirs of hydroelectric plants, etc. have gird connections that are already available. Hence deploying floating solar plants in such cases may save investment cost by utilizing the already existing infrastructure.

Easy installation and deployment

In general, installation of a typical floating solar plant is simpler and easy as compared to land-mounted solar PV plants. This is because of :

1.No civil work is required to prepare the site

2. Floating platform used to float solar PV arrays on a water surface are made in form of a modular individual floats which are prefabricated and are interconnected to form a large section

3. Floating platforms are assembled on land by adding rows of these modular interconnecting floats. Each of these rows is pushed into water as the next row being added to form a large platform. Once completed, the entire platform is towed to the exact location on the waterbody with the help of boats.

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